Useful Commands

🏡 Home & Teleportation:

  • /home - Effortlessly opens the HOME GUI, making your base just a command away.
  • /sethome - Set your home with ease, ensuring you always have a place to return.
  • /delhome - Simple command to delete a home, streamlining your teleportation choices.
  • /tp - Instantly opens the TP GUI, offering swift teleportation options.
  • /tpa - Conveniently accept incoming teleportation requests with a single command.
  • /outpost - Experience the ease of teleportation to the Outpost.
  • /bandit - Swift teleportation to the Bandit camp for your adventures.

🎨 Skins and Customization:

  • /skin shop - Explore our Skin GUI, where your style knows no bounds.
  • /skin - Easily apply skins to items in your hand, personalizing your gear.
  • /qr - Access the Virtual Quarries menu, enabling resource gathering at your convenience.

🏗️ Building and Crafting:

  • /limit - Check your building limitations effortlessly, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds.
  • /deatheffects - Fine-tune your death experience with customizable effects.

🛡️ Clan Management:

  • /clan create - Create your own clan and foster a community.
  • /clan join - Join clans seamlessly with a simple command.
  • /clan invite - Extend invitations effortlessly, building your clan family.
  • /clan members - Easily view your clan members and strengthen your bonds.

🚗 Vehicles & Licenses:

  • /buy - Purchase vehicles effortlessly with the RP you've earned.
  • /spawn - Summon your desired vehicle at your fingertips.
  • /licence - Gain insights into your Vehicle Licenses, ensuring smooth travels.

🖱️ Miscellaneous Commands:

  • /s - Open our expansive shop, where treasures await your discovery.
  • /kit - Unleash your potential with our Kit GUI, customizing your loadout.
  • /bgrade <0123 or 4> - Seamlessly build in your chosen materials, enhancing your structures.
  • /pr - Open the PlayerRank GUI, revealing the leaderboard for friendly competition.
  • /pm - Communicate privately with ease, enhancing your social interactions.
  • /remove - Empower yourself with the ability to remove items, walls, and foundations at will.
  • /ad - Control your environment effortlessly, toggling automatic door functions and setting closing delays.