VIP Commands

Unlock Exclusive VIP Powers!

As a VIP member, you're not just playing the game; you're diving into a realm of unparalleled possibilities. Here are your exclusive commands designed to enhance your gameplay:

🚀 Rocket Turret Mastery:

  • /turret - Delve into the secrets of Rocket Powered Turrets, arming your base with strategic might!
  • /turret cost - Discover the costs for the diverse range of Rocket Turrets, ensuring your defenses are top-notch.
  • /turret basic - Unleash rockets upon your foes - deploy up to 12 turrets for maximum impact.
  • /turret aa - Engage patrol helis with rockets - dominate the skies with up to 8 anti-aircraft turrets.
  • /turret javelin - Target players with Heat Seeking rockets - deploy 8 turrets for precision strikes.

🖌️ Advanced Signage:

  • /sil - Elevate your base aesthetics by downloading images from URLs and displaying them on signs with a touch of VIP class.
  • /silt [fontsize] [color] [bgcolor] - Craft visually stunning signs with custom text, font sizes, colors, and backgrounds - all for your VIP eyes.

🛸 Loadout Customization:

  • /loadout - Seamlessly access the loadout menu, empowering you to modify and fine-tune your gear for every adventure.

🛠️ High-Tech Crafting:

  • /craft.lockon - Master the art of crafting Lock-on Rockets effortlessly, ensuring you're always prepared for intense battles.

These commands are your VIP key to unparalleled power and customization. Embrace your VIP status and redefine your gaming experience!