VIP Perks

Experience Gaming Excellence with VIP Privileges!

🚀 Elevate your gameplay to extraordinary heights with our exclusive VIP Package. Unlock a realm of unparalleled advantages, ensuring your journey in the game is nothing short of exceptional. Here's what awaits you:

Indulge in Abundance:

  • Better Food & Water: Begin your adventure fully nourished, spawning with a generous supply of 5000 Food and Water.

Swift and Seamless Travel:

  • Better TPs: Enjoy the freedom of effortless teleportation, with 200000 TPs at your disposal every day, teleporting in a mere 2 seconds.
  • Better Homes: Swiftly move between your sanctuaries with 200000 Homes available daily, with a rapid 2-second teleportation time.

Ultimate Convenience:

  • Better SetHomes: Set your roots with 1000 Sethomes, creating your personalized network of safe havens.
  • Better RP: Watch your RP multiply, as every hard-earned point is doubled, paving your way to greatness.
  • Better Repair: Effortlessly restore your entire base with a single swing of your hammer, ensuring your stronghold is always pristine.

Tailored Gear and Respawn Options:

  • Better SpawnKit: Gear up with an enhanced kit upon respawn, perfectly curated for VIP players.
  • Better Beds: Rest easy knowing you can swiftly respawn at any of your beds, minimizing downtime and maximizing your adventure.

Building Excellence:

  • Better Building: Experience the freedom of creativity with an enhanced building limitation, allowing your architectural dreams to come to life.

Masterful Arsenal:

  • Rocket Turrets: Fortify your defenses with Rocket Turrets, adding a new level of firepower and security to your base.
  • Lock-On Rockets: Command the skies and engage formidable foes like the Patrol Helicopter or Chinook with Lock-ON (Smoke) Rockets, ensuring victory is always within your reach.

Creative Expression and Commands:

  • Sil & Silt: Unleash your creativity with the power of /sil and /silt commands, transforming your surroundings into visual masterpieces.

Command Mastery:

  • Unlock VIP Commands: Gain access to a treasure trove of VIP-exclusive commands, empowering you to control your gameplay experience like never before.

Explore VIP Worlds:

  • Unlock VIP Kits: Discover a plethora of exclusive VIP Kits, waiting for you to claim them and enhance your arsenal.

🌟 Embark on your VIP journey and discover the true essence of immersive gaming. Welcome to a world where your adventure knows no bounds, and your VIP status opens doors to unparalleled excitement and possibilities!